Where to Find Sacramento’s Top Hidden Gems


If you’ve ever spent time in Sacramento, you’re probably familiar with the more well-known attractions, such as the fantastic Crocker Art Museum and iconic Old Town Sacramento, but California’s capital city also has a lot of hidden gems most visitors aren’t aware of. If you’re looking to venture off the beaten path while you’re in Sacramento, here are a few of the most interesting places to explore, recommended by the people who know the area best, the friendly staff from Lions Gate Hotel, one of the premier hotels near Sacramento.

Sacramento’s Original Street Level

Devastating floods in the mid-1800s made it necessary to raise the city’s original street level to avoid similar disasters in the future. However, for some reason, one small section wasn’t lifted and remains at its original elevation. Just across from the entrance to the California State Railroad Museum, you’ll find a sunken courtyard with only a simple small sign pointing to the 10-foot-deep depression showing the city’s original pre-flood street level.

Sacramento Historic City Cemetery

This is the oldest existing cemetery in Sacramento. Spanning 30 acres, the old cemetery serves as the final resting place for many of the most important figures in California’s history, and it’s also a fascinating outdoor museum that features stunning landscapes, Victorian gardens, Gothic sculptures, and some of the most exquisite roses in the country. When you explore this landmark site, you’ll see why this cemetery is one of the best hidden gems in Sacramento.

California State Indian Museum

At one time, California’s Native American population was among the largest in the Western Hemisphere. Prior to the arrival of Europeans, California was home to 500,000 people from more than 150 tribes who spoke more than 60 distinct languages. This museum, opened in 1940, features artifacts, traditional objects, and photographs that showcase the incredibly rich heritage of California’s original inhabitants.

Jensen Botanical Garden

Located in nearby Carmichael, this small tranquil garden is perfect for peaceful reflection and the enjoyment of nature. The 3.5-acre garden features a wealth of botanical delights, including roses, tulips, magnolias, coastal redwoods, and blackberry brambles. There’s a specially designed Nature Path for the Blind that allows visually impaired visitors to enjoy the garden’s aromas and textures, and you’ll find a variety of serene spots where you can simply sit, rest, and leave behind the fast pace and worries of daily life.

Sand Cove Park Beach

This beach on the Sacramento River covers more than 10 acres, and you’ll find it tucked behind an inconspicuous entrance on Garden Highway. Sand Cove is the perfect destination for people who want to relax, lie in the sun, do a little fishing, or just splash around in the water with their dogs. The beach is home to a variety of species of birds and fish, and it also features a dedicated nature area.

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Tips to Celebrate Year’s End in Sacramento in Sacramento, CA

Fun Ways to Celebrate Year’s End in Sacramento


The California city of Sacramento may not see snow, but that doesn’t stop the metropolis from offering a variety of year-end and holiday activities. The beautiful mild year-round climate makes it possible to enjoy a number of outdoor events. Get in the holiday spirit by visiting some of these popular destinations at the end of the year.

Explore the Imaginarium at the Cal Expo

This event is available now through the middle of January. Enjoy the mesmerizing displays at the Imaginarium on Exposition Avenue, where millions of colorful LED lights and music create unique interactive experiences for visitors. Stroll through the rainbow-colored light tunnels. See the Field of Dreams, which features 30,000 illuminated roses. The Ocean Experience takes guests inside a wave, or you can walk on water while viewing marine life. The Rhapsody in Blue area features colorful arrays that dance to music. Illuminated carnival rides heighten the fun factor. There are also arcade games, a beer garden, and a food court for all to enjoy. Santa and other costumed characters make the rounds, too.

The Polar Express Train Ride

Fans of the popular Tom Hanks holiday movie will thrill at the chance to embark on their own wintry journey. Vintage engines pull seven unique cars to the North Pole, delighting young passengers. Along the way, guests are treated to hot chocolate while meeting characters from the original movie. Once at the North Pole, Santa enters the car to give each passenger a silver sleigh bell. The California State Railroad Museum offers rides through December 19th. After this festive train ride, you’ll be ready to return to your Sacramento hotel for a delicious dinner and an evening of relaxation.

See The Nutcracker

Celebrate the holiday season by experiencing the world-renowned presentation performed by the Sacramento Ballet. Watch Clara’s dream unfold before your eyes as she confronts the Mouse King and her nutcracker comes to life. Follow her through the winter wonderland to the Land of the Sweets. Enjoy the music that’s now familiar to millions. The troupe performs the ballet at the SAFE Credit Union Performing Arts Center now through December 23rd.

Cruise the Neighborhoods

Calm restless youngsters anxiously awaiting Christmas morning by cruising through some of Sacramento’s neighborhoods while enjoying the creativity homeowners express in their holiday displays. Some of the most highly recommended locations include the streets spanning Citrus Heights to Cameron Park, and the streets between Roseville and Rocklin are another popular area.

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Where Are the Most Walkable Spots in Sacramento in Sacramento, CA

Best Places to Walk in Sacramento


As the largest city in California’s Central Valley, Sacramento is home to many attractions. This bustling town has something for everyone, including plenty of parks and public areas with beautiful scenery for residents and visitors to enjoy year-round. If you’re looking for places in Sacramento where you can take a pleasant leisurely stroll, these are five of the most walkable spots in the city.

North Oak Park

This is a beautiful oasis located near the north area of Sacramento. The loop around the park has nine acres of green space to explore and includes picnic tables, sports fields for playing catch or Frisbee, and trails that are great for jogging. You’ll find plenty of trees for shade and benches throughout the park that are perfect for sitting down to read one of your favorite novels or enjoying a romantic moment with that special someone. After a day of fun in the sun and fresh air at this gorgeous park, you’ll be ready to head back to your hotel in Sacramento for a delicious dinner, some refreshing cocktails, and an evening of relaxation.

Old North Sacramento

This neighborhood is located near Broadway and the Sacramento River. At the many shops in this area, you’ll find everything from soy candles to vintage jewelry. As you stroll past the antique shops, boutiques, bars, and eateries along the way, you’ll find beautiful public art that adds a splash of color for passersby. You can also check out one of the two parks in the area.

Hollywood Park

Hollywood Park is located near the south area of Sacramento. This small park has several entrances and exits, making it easy to find your way around. It’s also just a short drive from several eateries, so you can park and grab a bite. Two ponds within the park attract many different species of birds throughout the year. The park also has a walking trail.

Curtis Park Village

This lovely area is located near the heart of Sacramento. You’ll find a variety of shops in this village, from a bakery to a sushi restaurant and many other different types of cuisine along the way. As you stroll through this charming area, you can grab a cup of coffee at one of the cafés located in the village.

Med Center

This center is located near the Sacramento Medical Plaza, and it features an outdoor courtyard that’s open to the public. Designed for the medical center’s patients and visitors to enjoy the great outdoors during their time away from home or work, it’s a quiet place where you can relax. There are also several restaurants in the area where you can grab a bite before or after you enjoy your walk.

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Enjoying Sacramento if You're on a Budget in Sacramento, CA

Budget-Friendly Things to Do in Sacramento


Conveniently perched between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, Sacramento is an appealing city with much to offer. If you’re looking for a more economical way to enjoy everything this fine city has available, you’re in luck! Check out the tips we offer below that can help you have a memorable visit to Sacramento without overstretching your budget.

Plan Early

You’ll pay more for your trip to Sacramento, or pretty much anywhere else, if you wait until the last minute to take care of things like making arrangements for travel and accommodations. You’re more likely to find appealing deals if you cross such things off your to-do list as far in advance of your planned trip date(s) as possible.

Visit Local Museums

Many of the museums in Sacramento have free or reasonable entrance fees. For example, admission to the California State Capitol Museum is free for everyone. There are also free guided tours during certain hours. Sacramento also has an annual Museum Day (usually in February) when many local museums offer free admission.

Sample Affordable Local Eats

Sacramento Magazine points out you don’t have to overpay for ambience or spend a lot just to enjoy the city’s appetizing food scene. Budget-pleasing meal options in Sacramento include places like Hasu Teriyaki & Sushi, which serves sushi for less than $10 all day long. Well-stuffed BBQ sandwiches can also be savored locally at Roxie Deli & Barbeque, MoMo’s Meat Market, and many other popular spots. There are also dining destinations and neighborhood eateries in Sacramento where you can have great soups, spicy international delights, and other delicious menu items without overspending. Look for local happy hour specials as well for affordable nibbles.

Take a Scenic Bike Ride

Bring your own bike or rent one locally, and you can enjoy an affordable scenic bike ride during your visit to Sacramento. The American River Trail is one of the more popular local trails known for being especially picturesque. Spanning 32 miles, it’s fully paved and easy to ride. After a day of biking in the sun and fresh air, you’ll be ready to head back to your Sacramento hotel for a delicious dinner and an evening of relaxing by the pool.

Check Out Affordable Shopping Options

Sugar Shack in midtown is one of the many shopping destinations in Sacramento known for offering affordable finds. The city also has several thrift and consignment stores worth exploring. Freestyle Clothing Exchange and Wild Poppy are among the local boutique shops known for being budget-friendly.

Explore Free/Affordable Locations & Attractions

Another fun way to enjoy Sacramento on a budget is to make your way to some of the free or affordable locations and attractions throughout the city. For instance, the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery on Broadway has 44 acres of beautiful monuments and other unique features you can check out for free. The Jelly Belly Factory is another budget-pleasing place to visit if you’ll be bringing kids with you. Self-guided tours are offered at $5 for adults and $2 for children.

Hang Out at Folsom Lake

Nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills, Folsom Lake is located about 25 miles northeast of Sacramento. Accessible year-round, it’s a serene, inviting place to relax, swim, or enjoy a picnic. You can also casually walk or hike along any of the nearby trails without stretching your budget.

No matter what kind of affordable adventures you’re in the mood for, you’re certain to find plenty of options in Sacramento. Whether you’re vacationing with the whole family or taking some alone time to relax, you’ll love the elegance, comfort, and convenient location of Lions Gate Hotel. From spacious Queen Bedrooms to luxurious Executive King Suites with kitchenettes, we have everything guests need for an unforgettable vacation. The amenities at our pet-friendly hotel near Sacramento include free Wi-Fi and parking, an on-site restaurant and full-service bar, and an outdoor pool. Our dedicated staff aims to provide a memorable experience for each of our guests, so call us today at (916) 640-0835 to reserve your room or suite.

Golden Rules of Traveling in Sacramento, CA

8 Golden Rules Travelers Should Follow


You’ve just booked your next big vacation, and you’re so excited to go somewhere new. You start scrolling through pictures of the beach, the mountains, and everything in between. But before you get there, you need to know a few things about traveling. Here are the eight golden rules for traveling that will ensure you have an amazing experience!

1. Arrive Early

Consider arriving a day earlier than you planned to get over jet lag and adjust to the time change, if necessary. You’ll have plenty of time to check into your hotel in Sacramento, get situated, look around your new location, eat some local food, and get a great night’s rest so you can enjoy your vacation.

2. Don’t Check Luggage unless Absolutely Necessary

In this modern age of the internet, there are so many apps that allow you to order free shipping straight to your hotel. Pack light by bringing an extra bag, pack one large suitcase with all the necessities in it (clothes, toiletries etc.), and purchase another bag or two with whatever souvenirs you bring back. Speaking of suitcases, make sure they have trackers on them so you always know where they are.

3. Be Flexible with Plans

Vacationing is all about exploring and experiencing new things, so don’t be afraid to stray from your original plan if something else catches your eye. You never know what adventures will pop up that weren’t part of the initial itinerary, but most likely there will be no regrets.

4. Take a Lot of Pictures

Remember to take selfies and group photos because you want those memories documented for years to come. Don’t forget to mark your travel location on Google Maps, too. This way, if anything happens (e.g., you lose your phone), it’ll be easy to find where you are.

5. Don’t Overdo It

You should always set aside time in your schedule for relaxation and unwinding (after all, vacation is a time to de-stress and rejuvenate). Take some time each day to sit on the beach, go for a walk through town, or just relax and watch a movie in your hotel room.

6. Make Mental Notes of Things that Suit Your Style

If you see something cool but aren’t sure if you want to bring it back home with you, don’t buy it right away. Keep an open mind and wait until the end of the trip, when there might be an extra suitcase available for purchase at checkout. This way, you can weigh the pros and cons of bringing that specific souvenir back for your collection.

7. Taste Everything Once

Don’t be afraid to try unfamiliar new food. You never know what might turn out to be the best thing you’ve ever tasted. Besides, if you don’t like it, you can always order something different next time.

8. Make Sure to Get Plenty of Rest

Your trip won’t be as enjoyable if you’re worn out the whole time. If your day is a whirlwind of vacation activity, try to get a nice nap before dinnertime rolls around. If you’re someone who needs plenty of sleep for optimum performance, try your best to schedule your trip in the off-season.

These tips and tricks make it easy to take a vacation and come back with all sorts of new stories and memories. The most important thing is that you have fun on your journey, so don’t forget to laugh once in a while!

When you’re planning your Sacramento trip, make sure to reserve a room or suite at Lions Gate Hotel, where history meets modern luxury. We’re one of the most comfortable and ideally located Sacramento hotels. You’ll be delighted by our history-inspired aeronautical décor, sophisticated accommodations, and luxurious amenities, including complimentary parking and WiFi, a fantastic on-site restaurant and full-service bar, an outdoor pool, and flat-screen TVs. To reserve your room, call us today at (916) 640-0835.

Great Ways for Couples to Have Fun in Sacramento


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Top Ways for Visitors to Enjoy a Day in Sacramento


Sacramento, the capital of California, is a city with rich history, culture, and countless interesting things to see and experience. You’ll understand why the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau chose “California begins here” as the city’s official slogan after you spend some time exploring this fascinating city, whether you’re looking to do some sightseeing or simply unwind. You may even find yourself falling a bit in love with Sacramento, especially if you check out some of the things on this list of the best things to do when you visit, brought to you by the friendly staff from Lions Gate Hotel, your premier choice among hotels near Sacramento.

Check Out the Museums

From railroad history to contemporary art and classic cars, you’re sure to find something to pique your interest among Sacramento’s world-class museums. Whether you’re visiting with the whole family or enjoying a relaxing getaway on your own, you won’t be disappointed by these favorites:

  • California State Railroad Museum – One of the city’s most popular museums, the California State Railroad Museum gets more than 500,000 visitors every year. Take a trip back in time to discover how railroads shaped California, its economy, and every aspect of daily life in the 19th century. With six buildings covering 225,000 square feet, the museum features fully restored railroad cars and locomotives, and you can even step aboard a train at the Railway Post Office to get a feel for what it was like when railroads were the ultimate in state-of-the-art transportation.


  • Crocker Art Museum – You can easily spend a whole day wandering among the incredible works of art featured in this Sacramento treasure. Opened in 1871, it’s the longest continuously operating art museum in the American West, and it displays artworks that date all the way from the Gold Rush era to today. In addition to housing one of the largest collections of international ceramics in the US, the Crocker Museum also displays works from Africa, Asia, and Europe.


  • California Automobile Museum – The California Automobile Museum houses an extensive collection of more than 120 classic and modern vehicles that show the evolution of American automobiles from 1885 to 2011. The museum presents special exhibits throughout the year, focusing on themes as varied as road trips, California car culture, camping, and pickup trucks. If you’re visiting during the summer, make sure to check out the series of drive-in movie nights.

Visit Historic State Parks

In addition to visiting Sacramento’s unique museums, you can learn a lot about California history and culture by spending some time at these historic parks:

  • California State Indian Museum State Historic Park – A great way to understand the history of California is to start by learning about the region’s original residents. At this park, you’ll get an in-depth view of the lifestyle and culture of the Native Americans who have lived in this area for thousands of years.
  • Leland Stanford Mansion State Historical Park – This spectacular 19,000-square-foot mansion is an impressive example of Victorian-era architecture, with 17-foot ceilings, ornate hand-carved woodwork, and period furnishings.
  • Old Sacramento State Historic Park – In Old Sacramento, you’ll find more than 50 historic buildings that date back to the 1850s and are now occupied by locally owned shops, hotels, restaurants, and museums. When you’re here, take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, enjoy a riverboat excursion, or climb aboard a vintage locomotive for a jaunty railroad ride.

Make Your Way to Midtown

Midtown is a bustling, vibrant area situated at the heart of Sacramento urban life. Located between 16th and 29th Streets and E and R Streets, the midtown area features attractions such as:

  • Sutter’s Fort – Before the California Gold Rush, Sacramento life revolved around Sutter’s Fort. Built by John Sutter in 1839, the fort was the hub of daily life until gold was discovered, after which it was abandoned. The completely restored fort is listed on the register of National Historic Landmarks.
  • Midtown Farmers’ Market – This popular local event features offerings from vendors and local farmers, including fresh fruit, vegetables, and a wide variety of tasty treats. The farmers’ market hosts chef demonstrations every month, and on the second Saturday of the month, you’ll also find vendors selling crafts.
  • Other Midtown activities – This lively area is where you want to be if you’re interested in gourmet dining at popular restaurants, shopping, browsing eclectic art galleries, or catching fantastic theater and dance performances or comedy shows.

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Ways to Avoid COVID When Traveling in Sacramento, CA

5 Tips for Avoiding Coronavirus when You Travel


Compared to last year, traveling is much safer now. Yet even people who are vaccinated will still want to take a few precautions. Many of the same things you do to avoid the coronavirus also prevent the flu and other illnesses so souvenirs and memories are the only things you bring back from your vacation. These strategies are all excellent ways to avoid COVID during your trip away from home.

1. Choose a Destination that Emphasizes COVID Safety

Some destinations are unfortunately known as hot spots for the spread of the virus. Avoiding cities where there are high positivity rates is important when you have a choice. You’ll also want to choose a city that’s taking COVID prevention strategies seriously. Currently, Sacramento requires mask wearing in all indoor public settings. Even if this changes before your trip, you’ll find the general public tends to follow guidelines for social distancing.

2. Use a Rental Car Instead of Public Transportation

Taking a bus is a popular way to get around big cities. However, you might prefer to use a ridesharing vehicle that limits passengers to just your group, or you can rent a car for personal use. Avoiding riding in a vehicle with a big crowd of people can minimize your exposure to the virus.

3. Wipe Down High-Touch Surfaces or Use Hand Sanitizer

There might be times when you need to jump on public transportation or walk through the main spaces of your hotel in Sacramento. When this happens, you can use sanitizing wipes to clean elevator keypads or handrails. If you don’t have wipes available, follow up any touches with a squirt of hand sanitizer. Naturally, you should also wash your hands with soap and water as soon as possible.

4. Wear a Mask when Social Distancing Isn’t Possible

Right now, you’ll find Sacramento is a mask-friendly location where you’ll simply be following the guidelines when you enter a building wearing a mask. While it might not be required, you’ll also want to don your mask if you’re outdoors in a big crowd and you can’t stay more than six feet away from people who aren’t in your traveling group.

5. Plan Your Itinerary Around High-Traffic Times

Many of the things you can do in Old Sacramento are outdoor experiences, such as taking a horse-drawn carriage or riverboat ride. However, there will likely be a few indoor activities included on your list. If you plan to visit the California State Capitol building or take a tour of the Crocker Museum of Art, call ahead of time to find out which dates and times tend to bring in fewer visitors. Being able to avoid a line full of kids on a field trip or other big crowds limits your exposure to germs, and you’ll still be able to see all you want to on your vacation or business trip.

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Sacramento Capitol

Top Things Sacramento Is Famous For


If you’re planning to visit Northern California, you’ll definitely want to spend some time exploring the historically rich and vibrant capital city of Sacramento. Sacramento is an extremely diverse, welcoming city that offers an amazing variety of fun things to do as well as some of the most beautiful weather in the country. If you’re planning a trip to Sacramento, make sure to check out some of these things the city is best known for, brought to you by the friendly staff at Lions Gate Hotel, an elegant Sacramento hotel where you’ll find guestrooms that feature aeronautical décor inspired by nearby McClellan Air Force Base. 

The Capitol

One of the most popular destinations for Sacramento visitors is California State Park, which is home to the State Capitol building, a gorgeous example of Neoclassical architecture that has served as the seat of state government since 1869. This site is the perfect place to learn about California’s rich history. Venture inside to take a free guided tour and explore the art and history museum showcasing California’s past with an extensive array of antiques, portraits, and artifacts. 

In addition to exploring the Capitol building, make sure to take the time to stroll around the surrounding park, where you’ll find beautifully manicured gardens that extend for several blocks. Towering palms and a variety of colorful trees and plants provide a lush backdrop for one of the most beautiful Capitol buildings in the US.

Exceptional Food

Sacramento has a well-deserved reputation as America’s “farm-to-fork capital” because it’s an agricultural mecca that ships produce all over the country, and it boasts no fewer than 40 local farmers’ markets offering locally sourced food. When you dine out in Sacramento, you’re likely to find menus that feature the freshest fruits, vegetables, meats, and desserts from the local area. Here are a few of the best spots to check out when you visit:

  • The Kitchen – Nelson and Tamera Baker opened The Kitchen in 1991 to support local farmers, and their dedication to using fresh ingredients and creating unique meals is legendary. The Kitchen is a treasured Sacramento landmark, and it fills up on a regular basis, so make your reservations early.
  • Temple Coffee Roasters – Sean Kohmescher was inspired to create this special coffee shop after taking a trip to Indonesia. This special shop’s “Farm to Cup” process focuses on using nothing but high-quality ingredients. Featuring a coffee pairing menu and nitrogen-infused teas and coffees, Temple makes sure you feel the passion with every sip. 
  • Oak Park Brewing Company – Featuring British and Belgian-style beers, this dog-friendly gastropub’s menu is filled with fresh items sourced from the local Oak Park Farmers’ Market. Sip a brew and delight in the delicious offerings on the outdoor patio.

Rich History

Sacramento’s rich, vibrant history dates back to 1839. The city’s population exploded during the frenzy of the California Gold Rush, and its convenient location quickly made it a major hub for agriculture and transportation. Sacramento boasts 28 museums, so you’re sure to find several that pique your interest. If you’d like to experience some of Sacramento’s history, check out these fascinating spots:


  • The California State Railroad Museum – The first transcontinental railroad in the country broke ground in Sacramento in the 1860s. The California State Railroad Museum, which has 225,000 square feet of exhibit space, displays restored trains with distinctive interiors and histories, while educational exhibits explain how railroads expanded migration to the West. If you’re in the mood to experience a taste of the old days while enjoying a picturesque excursion, hop on the Sacramento Southern Railroad train, which departs from the Central Pacific Railroad Freight Depot in Old Sacramento.
  • The Old Sacramento Waterfront – This National Historic Landmark District has a rich density of both new and historic attractions, including five museums as well as places to eat, drink, and shop. You can take an underground tour or enjoy a scenic boat ride on the Sacramento River.
  • Sutter’s Fort – A key part of California history, this is the site that witnessed the birth of the gold rush that would transform the state forever. John Sutter, a Swiss immigrant, settled here in 1839 and established a 150,000-acre ranch. When Sutter commissioned James Marshall to build a sawmill on his property, the first nugget of California gold was found nearby, and people soon flooded in to try their luck at finding their fortunes in the surrounding hills. The fully restored site is registered as a National Historic Landmark, and visitors can explore a variety of well-preserved buildings. The museum even provides gold rush-era costumes for guests who want to get a truly immersive experience.

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Why You Should Take a Weekend Trip to Sacramento in Sacramento, CA

Reasons to Enjoy a Weekend Getaway in Sacramento


Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco are some of the popular cities in California that attract annual visitors. However, the inland state capital, Sacramento, also has a lot to offer. The city’s climate, history, and attractions make the location an ideal choice for a weekend getaway.

Temperate Climate

Sacramento has a Mediterranean climate, which is described as having hot, dry summers and cool, mild winters. Average daily summer temperatures hover around 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Nighttime temperatures are cooler thanks to the breeze that comes across the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers and the San Francisco Bay. Average daily winter temperatures range from 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The rainy season spans from October through April. However, the city might experience a day or two of rain during the summer months. Thus, the local climate readily accommodates indoor and outdoor activities year-round.

Fascinating History

A visit to Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park provides a glimpse of Sacramento’s early history during the Gold Rush period. The site is named for John Sutter, who established the location and constructed a protective fort. Immigrants regularly arrived to find employment and engage in trade. 

The Old Sacramento State Historic Park is another destination of interest for history buffs. The 296-acre site features more than four dozen Gold Rush–era buildings and museums. Trails welcome bikers and hikers. After a full day of exploring the area’s natural beauty and rich history, you’ll be ready to return to your hotel in Sacramento for a delicious dinner and an evening of relaxing by the pool.

Museums Galore

The Sacramento area boasts more than two dozen museums that cover a wide selection of topics. The California State Capitol Museum is another great place to learn about local history. Car enthusiasts enjoy touring the California Automobile Museum, which encompasses more than 72,000 square feet. The variety of permanent and traveling exhibits include more than 150 iconic hot rods, muscle cars, and racing machines that span 120 years of history. Train and railway enthusiasts venture to the California State Railroad Museum, which covers 225,000 square feet. In addition to featuring a wide selection of restored trains, the facility explains the introduction of the railroad in the West. Visitors also have the chance to embark on a ride in one of the many train car options.

Fine Art & Music

The Crocker Art Museum is one of the most widely recognized in the region. The facility exhibits drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, and textiles from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Oceanic regions. The European collection features works by various masters, including Matisse and Monet. Fans of contemporary art might tour the Verge Center for the Arts. The facility exhibits diverse works created within the last decade.

Popular venues for enjoying live music include the Ace of Spades, Harlow’s, and the Shady Lady Saloon. From May through July, the city hosts Concerts in the Park, a weekly event that showcases the talents of various musicians and vocalists performing different musical genres. The Sacramento Music Festival spans four days during Memorial Day Weekend, and the Aftershock Festival takes place over four days in October.

Whether you’re enjoying a solo weekend getaway or taking an extended family vacation in Sacramento, you’ll love the elegance, comfort, and convenient location of Lions Gate Hotel. From spacious Queen Bedrooms to luxurious Executive King Suites with kitchenettes, we have everything our guests need for an unforgettable stay. The amenities at our pet-friendly hotel near Sacramento include free Wi-Fi and parking, an on-site restaurant and full-service bar, and an outdoor pool. Our dedicated staff aims to provide a memorable experience for each of our guests, so call us today at (916) 640-0835 to reserve your room or suite.